‘A breath of health’

We are working to increase your quality of life with our efficient and high quality products produced according to international GMP standards.

About Us %100 Natural

Who are we?

With our journey built upon the motto “A Healthy Breath”, we are a company aiming to increase the life quality of our customers with efficient and high-quality products manufactured in line with the international GMP standards and by serving human health and well-being.

Who are we?



HALTRON ILAÇ was established in 2018 in Istanbul as a company with one hundred percent domestic capital, under the umbrella of Ulkar Holding that has a prestigious history in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing for over 60 years. The company conducts its marketing activities from its quarters located in Istanbul, while the manufacturing and R&D activities are conducted in Düzce and Çerkezköy facilities under Ulkar Holding.

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and R&D

Quality Policy

In the light of scientific technologies and improving technology, to provide high-quality products to improve the life quality of customers, to keep up with all technological improvements in the health sector, and to implement the latest technology in all operations by taking the national and international GMP standards as the basis and by surpassing customer expectations.

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Expert Opinion

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Ecz. Berrin Yorgun

Oral care is an all-encompassing subject, from our smile to the digestive system, from the protection of our immunity to bad breath, known as halitosis in medical language, which affects social relations. The entry point of most toxins that will negatively affect our body is the oral tract. Therefore, the primary issue in protecting our […]

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The Importance of Toothpaste in Diet

Dyt. Elvan Odabaşı

Dietician to you, ‘Managing your weight, Managing your appetite, To support the immune system, you should take care of your oral health and brush your teeth 2-3 times. ‘What would you say? For example, if a line called “Make sure to brush your teeth” is added to the diet list after each meal, consider this […]

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Glimo oral and dental health products are multifunctional products that show their whitening, reparing and protective effect together. Glimo oral and dental health products are suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.

Traditional toothpaste, in order to reinforce the cleaning feeling of the brusher; synthetic, foaming detergent derivative chemicals are added.

That’s why traditional toothpastes foam like soap during brushing.

Since Glimo toothpastes do not contain synthetic detergent-derived chemicals like traditional toothpastes, they do not foam during brushing!

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Our Mission

“To find, develop, retain the best talent and support them to achieve our business goals”

Our Vision

“To be the best employer in the sector to offer our employees great career opportunities.”

Our Top Priorities

To employ the right persons, to manage performance with our Talent Development Process (YGS), to choose the high-potential persons in our company, to improve Haltron Leadership Skills, to offer different career opportunities with “Benim Kariyer Yolum” (My Career Path) application, to implement training programs for employees to reach the designated goals and to ensure their development, to maintain long-term cooperation with all our employee.

With our performance management system;

We aim to evaluate the performance that our employees put forward to actualize the personal targets that are set in line with the corporate goals, to support continuous improvement, and to create a motivating business environment.

We evaluate performance based on business goals set for that specific year and Haltron Leadership Skills that are expected.

To work with us;

You can follow our postings on Kariyer.net and LinkedIn.

For your internship applications;

We are looking forward to see everyone that has an active studentship life, established goals and dynamic personal traits, aims to have a full-on internship period, knowledgeable about codes of conduct in business life, harmonious, aware, different and creative and eager to be a part of Haltron.