Katie Rost Reveals Her Bisexuality And Her Renovating On ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’

Katie Rost Reveals The Woman bisexual get-together And Her Renovating On ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’

I understand it is just 2 months into 2016, but i am when it comes to willing to call that the 12 months’s the majority of interestingly low key fact television second occurs when
Katie Rost came out as bisexual

Real Housewives of Potomac

. As well as in comparison to the other show on #ShadySunday,

Genuine Housewives of Atlanta

, I was thrilled to note that as the additional girls performed laugh with Katie when it comes to way she jokingly raised her sexuality, there seemed to be no demonizing of bisexuality or inexpensive laughs become heard (at the least on digital camera). Although Katie affirmed the woman bisexuality on Twitter during event, normally, absolutely nothing has changed about her because revelation: she actually is nevertheless anxiously obsessed about Andrew, wanting to create the great household, and at risk of some a little odd gestures.

I must state, its a little presumptuous to redesign another person’s home, even although you’re in an union together, but once again, that is therefore Katie. Such as the contractors she introduced to redecorate Andrew’s workout room, I became convinced that it would be extremely embarrassing when Andrew returned from his trip to find his individual fitness center changed into a vanity for Katie. Nonetheless it ended up being amusing to listen to that Andrew’s greatest challenge with the redesign had been which he didn’t benefit from the decoration! But while he nonetheless said he wasn’t an admirer, he had been prepared to “accept” Katie’s needs.

But although the redesign was not entirely welcomed by Andrew, he was very happy to tag along to Ashley’s birthday party, where pair ended up being around each other. In reality, their creating away had been so rigorous, the rest of the Housewives stated upon it multiple times. The term “get a bedroom” was utilized. And regardless of the cash bar, it seems that Katie have had several unnecessary products, since she happened to the motorist’s seat of Ashely’s new Porsche, something special from her spouse. That was uncomfortable.

It doesn’t matter what the situation, Katie usually manages to go the line between endearingly odd… and simply plain strange. Ideally the


could well keep that balance, since if perhaps not, she might find yourself dropping the woman commitment. But likewise, that is what can make this lady available enough to mention the woman sex on national television — that is certainly very fantastic.