Social Drinking Dangers: Are Social Drinkers At Risk Of Alcoholism?

Aside from the number of drinks you might be consuming, there are many signs you may be in problem drinking territory, according to Lander. Another key component of social drinking is knowing how much is too much for you, and staying within those boundaries. Yes, it is possible for some people diagnosed with AUD to cut down their drinking to a healthier level. Medication such as naltrexone can help people limit or stop drinking.

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground. Her father found her drinking on one occasion, which triggered an argument. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it is estimated that in the U.S. more than 140,000 people die from alcohol-related causes each year. “Alcohol doesn’t discriminate, and it doesn’t stop until it takes everything from you and the ones you love. But recovery is possible, and there is hope on the other side,” Hurley, who lives in New Orleans, told Newsweek.

Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking, Alcohol Addiction, and Alcohol Use Disorder

Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe problem that can lead to health complications and even death. Alcohol problem drinking is often overlooked social drinking and drinking problem because it is considered a social norm. Many people view alcohol as a harmless substance that can be consumed in moderation.

  • But there are many other cases in which drinking alcohol becomes habitual for a person, and leads to dependency.
  • And they usually require addiction treatment or support from peer groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, to get sober.
  • This can easily lead to the spreading of diseases or the loss of life.
  • Remember, though, that relationships with doctors, therapists, and other health professionals can take time to develop.

Drinking problems put an enormous strain on the people closest to you. “Don’t let embarrassment, guilt or stigma keep you from getting the help that you deserve,” Strobbe said. “Alcohol-use disorders are treatable medical conditions.” Making changes early may help you stay ahead of life-altering issues prompted by alcohol abuse, he added. If you’re having trouble stopping or controlling your alcohol use despite any negative consequences from drinking, you may have a problem with alcohol. Regardless of the circumstances in which alcohol is consumed (i.e., at a party or solo), in the United States drinking is considered a part of a healthy lifestyle when it’s done in moderation.


Those who do heavily drink and abuse the substance during youth and college tend to see their grades suffer. Many have admitted to missing classes, dropping out and losing friendships because of their drinking-related issues. They’re also more liable to getting into violent and dangerous situations or contracting STD’s. In addition to those consequences, heavy drinking can have effects on the world around young people. It often leads to antisocial behavior, such as violence and aggression.

  • Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe problem that can lead to health complications and even death.
  • It is important that anyone who drinks, no matter how infrequently, is aware of the signs of alcohol abuse and seeks treatment if they observe two or more signs in themselves.
  • It’s a popular way to socialize, relax and even celebrate special occasions.
  • Complete an online assessment and get connected with a medical provider who can determine if Naltrexone is right for you.

The covid-19 pandemic and the strict rules given about social distancing have impacted the paterns of drinking. At a talk he later gave on wu-wei at Google, Slingerland made much the same point about intoxication. During the Q&A, someone in the audience told him about the Ballmer Peak—the notion, named after the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, that alcohol can affect programming ability.

Drink Driving as the Biggest Social Concern

The practice has become endemic to the point that social drinking problems are often overlooked. The rehabilitation program will likely include both behavioral and pharmaceutical therapy. Common types of behaviors therapy include cognitive-behavior therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and marital and family counseling therapy. Medications can include Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram. Depending on the needs of the user, the medications may be taken for many years after rehabilitation is complete. At the age of 25, she moved to Europe after a breakup and her drinking spiraled further out of control.

social drinking and drinking problem

But there’s nothing moderate, or convivial, about the way many Americans drink today. People who abuse alcohol also put themselves and others at risk if they drive or operate machinery after drinking too much. These strategies could prevent drinkers from breaking the law or engaging in risky behaviors. Alcohol impairs our ability to identify dangerous situations. For example, an inebriated person may concentrate on a friendly smile rather than the risk of driving home with a stranger. The theory suggests that people make illogical, simple decisions in complex situations.